Consult with a Home Stager:

Home staging won’t guarantee the sale of a home, but it will help take away any negative thoughts a buyer might come up with. The consult would consist of these main points…

  • When we meet with a client/seller we take a tour of their home and then we sit down to talk about options
  • We would walk around the whole house and the outside of the house.
  • We would go into the house and look at each individual room and see what needs to be done with each room
  • Discuss focal points- areas to draw the buyers eye to
  • Discuss paint options if they are needed
  • Discuss options with furniture or re-using what you currently have
  • Show the homeowner where de-cluttering needs to be done
  • Finally we would come up with a staging plan
  • Take before picture of the rooms and suggest options of what can be done

Price is $150 for  a consult  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Staging packages would get discussed with the buyer if they chose to have Jva Home staging stage their home. Prices would reflect the stagers fee along with any furniture rentals, vendors fee’s.


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